In its highest form, wine is a celebration of humankind’s relationship with the earth. There are over 10,000 grape varieties planted worldwide and growers who have been perfecting the production of their native grapes for millennia. Despite many consumers’ desire for exploration and discovery, the wine world continues to homogenize around a handful of grapes and regions.

At Vinalia, we celebrate the stewards of heritage wine traditions and connect them with curious customers that they may have difficulty reaching otherwise. By exploring the full diversity of the wine world, Vinalia members are playing an active role in preserving these heirloom grape varieties. For our producers making great wine in emerging economies, we help them understand foreign markets and position them for more sustainable success.

Vinalia hopes to do for wine what Anthony Bourdain did for food—humanize it, tell its long and struggled story, and make it more inviting and accessible to those who drink it. More than anything, we hope to use wine as a vehicle for empathy.

In one of his final interviews, Anthony Bourdain said:

The history of the world is on your plate. Every plate of food is an expression of, often, a long struggle, a long story.…The more we have people from somewhere else bringing their food chain, and ingredients, and traditions—life only gets better.

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